Here We Go.....Again! Woohoo!

So the puzzle pieces have been assembled & a blessing has been revealed!

I should have known when my clothes started getting tight on me.

But I chalked it up to my cooking more pasta lately.

I cried to my husband that I looked pregnant in my nightgowns.

I chalked my late period up to stress.

But the heartburn? There is only one occasion when I get't be that...

My juice cravings? Hmmmm...... I had those not too long ago....

But deep down, I knew.

And I was excited.

I mentioned my suspicions to my husband & he smiled.

We decided to wait to buy a test on the weekend. At night, we lay in bed & fantasized about the possibility of having another baby.

Were we crazy? Austin is only 8 months old!! He's still breastfeeding & isn't sleeping through the night yet. We had to be crazy to be this excited.

By Friday night, the suspense was killing us. I bought a twin pack of pregnancy tests. I figured I'd take one that night & if it turned out "negative", I would take the other one in the morning.

Turns out that it took just one test. 10 seconds & I had my two beautiful pink lines!

We're having a baby!!

Baby #4!!!

So add "tandem nursing" & pregnancy anecdotes to Hippy Chic Momma's roster!


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