Buyer's Remorse?

My Flip covers came yesterday! While they are cute, colorful, soft & everything I knew they would be when I ordered them, I have to admit that I don't feel as excited as I thought I would be. But this could be due to a few different things:

a.) My husband watched as I ripped open the package. No lie, my face probably looked like my kids do on Christmas morning. And he just looks serious. Then he shakes his head & says, "My gosh. Do you know how much *work* you are making for yourself?" He followed that little gem with a "But I'm so proud of you." But I got his message loud & clear. As a homeschooling mom of 3 more "work" is not met with enthusiasm, exactly.

b.) I only ordered the covers. No inserts, doublers, soakers, prefolds, flats...nada but covers. Translated that means: I can't even use them yet. Where's the fun in that?!

c.) While Flip covers are cute and all, they weren't what I *really* wanted. I wanted Blueberry coveralls. Preferably the Giraffes, Owls & Stars. But being ever-so-practical, my husband & I decided to go with the more economic Flips. At least until I know if cloth diapering is the way I really want to go. (note to self: sometimes practicality SUCKS)

So these are just a few of the reasons that I may not be feeling so yippy-skippy about my first cloth diapering purchase.

But considering how much horrific information I've been uncovering about disposables & how I keep finding myself toying with the idea of using a cut up hand towel in the covers, I'm thinking that I'm on the right track after all. And that I'm quite happy with my purchase!
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