Back To Co-Sleeping...With A Twist!

As you all know, (by "all", I mean the one bored person that happens to read my blog. When they have nothing better to do. LOL) we recently put together Austin's crib.

We had good nights (sleeping through the night...with only one middle-of-the-night nursing session) and we had bad nights (wanting to nurse every 2 hours plus crying bouts due to teething).

The "bad nights" outweighed the good.

And I was getting tired. Exhausted. Slightly angry.

I prayed for an answer.

I know God heard my prayers, but I swear I heard Him chuckle a few times ("hahaha! She *said* she wanted a baby! Hahaha! Wonder if she'll still be wanting more after a few more weeks of this...").

Yesterday, I had an epiphany.

Okay, so it was really a blog post that I read on FaceBook.

But epiphany sounds so much more grand, doesn't it?!

It was instructions on how to convert your crib into a co-sleeper! Basically, you just remove the side if the crib that slides up & down, secure the crib to your bed (they used heavy duty bungee straps) & (after a few more slight adjustments) there you have it!

A co-sleeping crib!

Out of sheer desperation, we rigged ours up last night. We still need to do a few tweaks, but it worked like a dream!

Now my husband, I and Austin each have enough space to stretch out PLUS we're still co-sleeping!

I love the internet! LOL

Here's the co-sleeping crib tutorial & info page, if ya want it:
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