Slowly but surely....

Okay, okay, so I am not exactly where I was hoping to be right now. Austin is still in disposable diapers & I haven't made any of my own baby food since that avocado fiasco.

But I have made *some* progress! We have made the transition to organic baby food! Our local Walmart where we do our regular shopping carries a super limited amount of organic baby food & the variety is paltry. So I went to Babies R Us this past weekend to check out their selection & was really impressed! We bought a week's worth of Earth's Best, which comes out to 4 jars a day. It was pricier than Walmart's offerings of Earth's Best, but we feel that the extra spending is more than worth it! The flavors sound awesome, too: Carrot Tomato, Sweet Potato & Apricot, Sweet Peas & Brown Rice, Green Bean Casserole....the list goes on & on! They use onion & garlic in their foods, too, to add enriched flavors. This stuff rocks!

I have also been stalking Craigslist to find great diaper deals, but haven't had much luck. There is a company called Just Simply Baby which sells really cute diapers at reasonable prices ($11-$12/each) & each diaper comes with 2 inserts. Compare that to Fuzzibunz's or Blueberry diapers which are closer to $20 & it looks like you've found yourself a great deal! Plus JSB has a 30 Day Return Policy where you can return the USED diapers if you don't absolutely love them!

I was also considering becoming a Diaper Party consultant, in which I help moms have a diaper party (similar to a Mary Kay party or Pampered Chef), where I either go to the party myself with a variety of different brands of cloth diapers & show other moms what options there are available & find the perfect one(s) for her little one!

Well, so that's what I've been up to lately. What've you been up to?
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