Organize Children's Artwork!

Awhile back, my home was being invaded. This invasion was quickly taking over my home, any bare surface & my sanity! The culprit? My kids' artwork!

I am a sucker for sentimentality, and so I cannot bring myself to throw away their colored pictures, sketches or crafts. But I had no clue where to put them all....and they were piling up everywhere!

Until one day the answer came to me: a bill/tax organizer! I know you know what I'm talking about. Those brown heavy-duty envelope things that have 12 pockets inside, labeled with the months Jan-Dec. These suckers expand, too, therefore allowing it to hold A LOT of paperwork!

Here's what I did: I bought one organizer for each child. With permanent marker, I wrote the child's name & the current year on the front of the organizer. By doing it this way, you will buy each child a new organizer each year, but they aren't very expensive. I got ours for under $10 each at Walmart.

Now, whenever my kids create a new masterpiece, we be sure that they have written their first name & the date it was created on the back of it. Usually we hang it on the fridge or on their bedroom door for a few weeks. Then, when it comes down, we file it away in the organizer under the month in which it was made!

How awesome is that?! No more stray artwork just lying around the house!
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