Not Your Average Hippy

I am a well-educated woman. I am a voracious reader and (as dorky as it is to admit) I adore researching, for the most part. I am also a devoted mother.

What irritates me is when people just assume that I am making some parenting & lifestyle choices out of ignorance. That I am just following some trends or whatnot instead of actually making informed decisions about the wellness & safety of my children.

I wasn't always the way I am now. I wasn't always brave enough to step out and do something "different". But as more & more articles falls into my lap and research is more readily available via the internet, I would be remissed if I just ignored it & continued putting my children in harm's way.

I've heard MANY times over about how plenty of people from my generation were raised up on Gerber baby food, formula and spent their days tumbling around in disposable diapers while getting vaccinated & that despite all that, we turned out just fine.

First of all, define "fine" for me. Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Autism, ADD, ADHD, depression, obesity, mental & neurological disorders are affecting millions of people today.

Is that what you meant by "fine"? If so, awesome! You're right. We turned out perfectly fine! ;-)

Call me crazy, weird, a hippy (LOL), lazy, misinformed, ignorant, stupid, me whatever the hell you'd like.

But the people that matter the most to me in this world call me "Mommy" & I will do everything that I can to protect them.

They are the reason that I am so passionate about the choices I make. They are the driving force behind my homeschooling, babywearing, co-sleeping, using natural remedies, questioning the safety of vaccinations, buying organic baby food and getting ready to start cloth diapering.

What's YOUR passion?
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