I Did It!! (And You're Not Going To Believe What I Might Be Doing Next....)

Quick! Look out your window!! Do you see them? Look again because they must be there. Hurry! Do you see the flying pigs?! Hahahaha! Ok, yeah, that was lame. But what do you expect? It's late, I'm tired but my brain is running full speed ahead...with only half of the cylinders working... LOL

Anyway, do you know what I just did?? Come on, give it a guess! Okay, I guess I'll just tell you because you're probably thinking I'm the biggest dork imaginable right now. (oh why did I drink that 2nd glass of Pepsi before bed? Now I can't just shut the heck up...) Let's just cut to the point...err...make that *let's just get to the point*...damn you caffeine & adrenaline & sleep deprivation!!! I miss thinking clearly!!

Anyhooo....I ordered cloth diapers!!!! YES!! Well, sort-of. LOL I ordered the cloth diaper covers. Which is a ginormous step in the right direction! I ordered 4 Flip covers: Butternut (yellow), Moonbeam (blue), Ribbit (green) & Clementine (orange). I only had the funds to buy 4 covers....nothing to go inside them yet.

I was planning on using them with prefolds but then I got a great idea. One that will possibly, more-than-likely save me money! What if I make my own inserts?! Inserts are just like what they sound like: you *insert* them into the cover to absorb....stuff. ;-) On cloth diaper websites, these inserts cost a couple dollars each (minimum) but making my own, I imagine, would save me some major dough. I have been researching how to make inserts & it seems really easy. It would probably be even easier if my husband hadn't thrown out my sewing machine when we moved. ::sigh::

I can also make "socks", which are basically these mini pillow case looking things made out of suedecloth. You then put your microfleece or hemp (very absorbant stuff, hemp) inserts into the sock, place the whole little bundle into your diaper cover & voilá! You have a stay-dry diaper!! (baby's bum stays dry due to the suedecloth while liquids are absorbed into the insert! How awesome is that?!!) You can even put a prefold diaper in the sock for extra absorbancy!

I am so very excited about all of this, I gotta tell you.

But now I am getting tired at the prospect of Austin waking up to nurse multiple times tonight & still managing to wake up all chipper at 6 am. ::groan::

So what about you all? What kind of fluff do you use on your baby's bum? :-)
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