Earth Mama Angel Baby Calm & Clean Hand To Toe Wash

This stuff is great! No chemicals or toxins, just 100% all-natural organic ingredients. It's a foam, so it rinses off super-easy, even out of hair! As you mommas out there know, its quite a challenge to rinse "traditional" baby shampoo out of a baby's fine hair, especially when you don't want to rub too vigorously because of their soft spot & your little one is screaming because it's taking too long. My son's hair was getting oily very quickly when I was using Johnson's & Baby Magic baby shampoos, but this soap keeps his hair clean & shiny for days! (I hate washing their hair everyday) The Calm & Clean soap comes in a lavender fragrance, which I'm not super fond of. Maybe just because I'm used to baby-powdery smells, you know? But yesterday my daughter was giving the baby his bath & I have to admit that I started liking the fragrance that was drifting out if the open bathroom door. The only "downside" I can tell after several weeks of use is that it's not "tear free". But after finding out that those big-name baby soaps are only tear-free because of a certain numbing chemical they put in the product, I am not so convinced that tear-free is a good thing. Besides, I have had relatively no trouble keeping it out of his eyes so far. Sometimes I'll think I got some in his eye because he starts crying, but his eye isn't even red or irritated looking, so it could be that my little guy just wants me to stop washing his hair! :-)

All in all, I love this product. I will definitely be buying more bottles of their baby wash, but may try a different fragrance. I'm not a huge fan of lavender fragrance anyhow, so it's not really the soap's fault. ;-)

You should definitely get your little one some of Earth Mama Angel Baby's baby wash!
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