Do You Bumbo?

Do you own a Bumbo seat? I love, love, love mine! They can get pretty pricey at retail stores (around $30-$40, I think), so if you're looking for one, I highly recommend hunting for one at thrift stores, yard sales or someplace like Once Upon A Child (OUAC). I got mine at a Moms Of Multiples yard sale for $4! Yeah, baby! LOL I just bought the tray for it a couple of weeks ago at OUAC for $6. Totally worth it, because Austin loves it to bang his toys on while he's sitting in his Bumbo.

But here's another purpose we've found for ours that I really don't see many parents doing. Okay, for those of you who have tiny babies, I'm sure you've been in this situation: We go to a restaurant to eat (duh) but even though my little guy can support his own neck, he's still not able to sit up on his own. So that rules out the high chairs that the restaurant provides. A lot of places have those wooden high chairs that you can flip upside-down & put your infant carrier into the leg base, but honestly, some of those high chairs ate pretty unstable. Ours almost flipped over once.

Bring your Bumbo seat! Sit at a table that is sturdy enough for you to sit the Bumbo seat on and voilá! Your whole family is sitting together! We caused quite a stir at CiCi's one time & I could hear some of the other parents saying, "Why haven't we ever thought of doing that?!"

Of course, now my son is able to sit upright in a high chair, but we have yet to buy one of those seat cover thingies & honestly, those high chairs can be pretty grimey! So our Bumbo seat is still gracing the tables of our favorite restaurants.

Have you ever tried this before? Do you have any awesome uses for your Bumbo seat?
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