Do Me A Solid...

So apparently there's this thing called "baby-led weaning" or some sort of name like that. Have you heard of it?
It appears to be the new (or maybe not so "new", cuz let's face it: I've always been a dork & behind when it comes to trends LOL) best way to get babies to start on solid foods.
You're not to start it before your baby is 6 months old.
Anyway, you don't use traditional jarred baby food. Instead, you just steam veggies & mush them up or cut them into teeny tiny pieces & just lay them on your baby's high chair tray. Then your baby just feeds itself! The theory behind this is that your baby will learn how to choose the food containing the nutrients he/she needs.
This way does sound really neat, but call me old-fashioned, but I've always just started my little ones out on Gerber baby food & cereal at around 4.5 months. I really wanted to start making Austin's baby food myself, but now I feel guilty. Is this "new" way better? Have I irrevocably screwed up my children by starting them on pureed food?!
Eh. Whatever. My kids are happy & healthy. I do wish I would have heard about this method before I started Austin on "traditional" baby food, but he's loving his infant oatmeal & various pureed veggies & fruits. And as soon as I start making his baby food myself, he's gonna love that too! :-)
What about you? How did you start your little one(s) on solids??
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