Amber Teething Necklace?

I stumbled across a little something last week talking about amber teething necklaces & how awesome they are. Apparently they've been using them over in Europe for....a long time. (yes, that's an accurate description of time LOL)

Amber is thought to have beneficial healing oils within itself that can be released when heated. The child does NOT chew on the necklace (oh, come on! You were thinking the same thing I was! LOL), but instead wears it around his neck. His (her) body heat warms the necklace enough to release the healing oils into baby's skin, causing the pain of teething to subside enough to help calm your baby down naturally, without using any of the chemical-containing teething gels! This leads to less crying, fussing, drooling & helps your baby sleep better (because he's not in as much pain). Your baby doesn't sleep with the necklace on, for safety reasons.

So.... Have you ever heard of or used an amber teething necklace? If not, what do you think about its claims?
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