Who Knew?

So, in my quest for self-enlightenment in regards to natural parenting, I have picked up some interesting tidbits. I want to share a couple with you today....
Okay, so those of us who use 'sposies (that is cloth diaper lingo for disposables), how when our little one makes a nasty poo in his diaper, we are only too eager to wrap that sucker up & throw it away, kind of like your Aunt Trudy's meatloaf? Did you know that its actually against the law to toss the poo?! I had no clue! I mean, yeah, it makes sense, but I never really thought about it before. Can't you imagine that arrest? LOL
Another thing: not all CDs (cloth diapers) are created equal. I had it in my mind that I would just trot on down to my local Walmart, Target or Babies R Us & pick up a few of those Gerber diapers & be on my merry way. Little did I know that those actually absorb about as well as a 2-ply layer of toilet paper. You actually have to put a medium amount of effort into your purchase. Apparently, in the world of prefolds, Indian ones are the best. As you can see from the pic I am posting of unbleached Indian prefolds, they contain numerous absorbant pockets, with the thickest layer being in the middle. (the pic shows them under a stack of cloth wipes. which I also intend to use.)
So if any of you had the horrific experience of putting a Gerber cloth diaper on your little one, only to have him promptly pee right through it, now you (& I!) know why.

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