To Cloth or Not To Cloth.....

I went to this really awesome store that carries a variety of "earthy" baby supplies. Things like breastfeeding equipment (pumps, bras, etc) and cloth diapers & accessories. It was an awesome experience! Have you seen all of the options out there for mommas who want to use cloth diapers?! Awesome! Some of the brands are: Bummis (pronounced "bum-eeze"), Fuzzibunz & Thirsties. These companies offer adorable diapers & diaper covers for your little one!

I even found an awesome hose-thingy (technical name, I know, LOL) that you attach to your toilet's water pipe & you use the high-pressure sprayer to clean off the poo in the diaper!! How neat is that?!

I have met a lot of resistance from friends who don't support cloth diapering, but after reading how a diaper can sit intact in a landfill for over 500 years, not to mention the thousands of dollars you can save by switching to cloth diapers, well, I'm inclined to give cloth diapering a chance.

How about you? Any thoughts?


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