The Sky Is Falling!

Or more like, the light in the playroom is.

My kids decided that my day wasn't going quite bad enough. Let's add to the chaos. While mom is busy dealing with a screaming 6-month old & a naughty 2-year old, why not see how many things we can hang off of the pull-cord for the ceiling light in the playroom??

Turns out it doesn't hold much. A few dress-up outfits & a Webkinz eagle & the light will start to come down.

It's not all the way ripped out, but when I went to pull the cord (to turn the light back on), it felt like it could easily give.

My husband had me turn the lights off down there just in case the wiring is screwy from it. I'm thinking that merely turning the lights off won't work, but hey, if it'll bring me even a false sense of security, that's gonna have to do for now.

So now my two are outside, relegated to the backyard, the naughty 2-year old has been sent to bed for the time being & the baby needs a bottle.

Thankfully today seems to be going by rather quickly. All-in-all, this has felt like the longest week ever in history. I'll be glad when the daycare mom picks up her two rugrats & I can spend some quality time with my own.


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