I'm Such a Wuss

I gained a new life's prospective from a bag of Doritos.

The actual bag. Have you seen their new mission? They are spreading the word of the youths of today who are actually making a wonderful difference in our world. This particular bag was telling about this awesome girl, Maggie, who at the ripe-old age of 22 is running a very successful orphange in Nepal. Alone. (she has helpers, but the vision is hers)

It is called the Kopila Children's Home.

I have been reading her blog & am truly humbled. How can I call myself a caring person & a good mother when I am falling apart at the seams right now, with only 4 children in my care & a bun (or two) in the oven and SHE is running an orphanage & building a school for the children & dealing with all of the political drama & everyday issues of caring for 20-30+ children?

I feel like crap. She is awesome. I suck.


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