First Trimester Blues

My gosh...I am only 6 weeks into this pregnancy & am already showing!! But it's not like people can tell that I am pregnant, in my opinion. I just look fat. Well, I've been heavy, but at least before I could suck it in. But not anymore. Nope. Just a big ol' belly. I have already had to relinquish my jeans & buy some stretchy yoga & excercise pants & baggier t-shirts. I just randomly tell people that I am expecting, so that they don't look at me & wonder "dude, is she just really fat??" Antonio is starting to think it's funny....we'll walk into a store & someone will say "Hi! How are you?" (in that manner that totally means that they don't really care) and I will just blurt out "Great, thanks! We just found out that we have our third baby on the way!!" Yeah. That's my methodology for dealing with this weight gain. LOL
The only thing that is really bothering me is that my parents aren't talking to me. We had a pretty big falling out back in mid-January, and they have refused to talk to me ever since. I have tried to call them repeatedly during the last week...left them messages telling them that I really need to talk to them, but they refuse to answer or return my calls. Typically I wouldn't let it bother me that they are mad at me, but for some reason (hormones???), I really want to tell them that I have another baby on the way. My mom has been in the hosptial room for both of my children's deliveries, but she will not be there for this one. And that is so hard to accept. But I need to accept it and move on, otherwise it's just putting unnecessary stress on the little one growing in my belly.


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