Stupid Wall-E

I can think of not much I would like to do less than to listen to the phrase "Can I watch Wall-E?" one more time today.

It is the phrase that has been resounding in my house

But I try not to let the kiddos watch too much television. Or at least that's what I told myself all day long while trying to avoid answering "no".

"Not right now."

"Maybe later."

"Go play with your Transformers."

"Mommy is busy."

"Go play with your sister."

"Go do your math."

"Mommy isn't in here." (that was me when he came to the bathroom door)

But after, ooooh, a million hours I caved in. I had to do it. I could not hear "Can I watch Wall-E now, Momma?"

I said "Yes!!! For the love of God, put the stupid DVD in the player!!"

Which immediately made me feel awful because he was just sooooo excited to put Wall-E on. Ran on his short little munchkin legs to find Wall-E. Dropped the DVD in his excitement and had to chase it as it rolled across the living room floor and under the infant swing. Oh, he was thrilled.

But that kind of happiness is doomed.

Our Wall-E DVD won't work.

For some mysterious reason, Wall-E is out of commission.

Which led to....."Can we watch 'Water Horse'?"



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