♫ Sittin' On Sunshine ♫

I swear there are mornings when my children wake up fighting. You moms out there probably feel the same way. About your own children...I hope to God that you're not hearing my little munchkins fighting over here, though there are days that I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyways, for some unknown reason, I couldn't take it this morning. Both kids were bickering with each other and one of the DC kids. Maybe because it was a Monday morning or maybe just because I'm a horrible person with absolutely no patience, I just had to make the arguing stop.

That's when I screamed one of the most....unsavory?....phrases a mother has been known to utter.

"I want you to be happy. And not just regular happy, either. I want you to stop fighting & be so incredibly happy that sunshine comes out your butt holes!!!"


Well....it worked anyways. And to make the situation that much funnier (hey, I said it was "unsavory"...not humiliating...we all laughed about it for hours)...anyway, my daughter just came downstairs, her derrière glowing. She had shoved her booklight down the back of her pants, just to illustrate to the household exactly what sunshine would look like when shining out your butt.

Oh boy. Her future therapist is going to have a field day....


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