There was a desk under here?!

I finally got around to cleaing PART of my office closet! Woo hoo! Okay, now as much as I would like you to think that I am all ritzy and have a closet IN my office, I have to point out that this is not true. My office is, in fact, IN a closet. Actually, it's really handy because in the blink of an eye, I can shove the rolling desk chair under the desk (just so, or it won't fit under & it blocks the door), flip off the monitor screen (otherwise guests will see a glowing light coming from my closet, leading them to believe either 1.) I am concocting evil experiments in the privacy of my living room or 2. That I am hiding an extremely messy office inside of the closet....either one is an assumption I would like to avoid them making)...and then slide the folding doors shut. And VOILA! No more messy office for anyone to view!
The tricky part is keeping it clean. My desk was covered with Webkinz account info papers, old notebooks filled with doodles (my husband's), packs of construction paper, blank CDs, photographs that have been scanned onto the computer & never put away, a cordless hand vac box (don't ask), empty soda bottles & every issue ever printed of those AutoMart free magazines you find sitting outside any grocery store. Which makes me wonder....does anybody in this family throw anything away?! I actually found my answering machine (34 messages!!!) hidden underneath the clutter!
Well, the top of the desk is now visible...let's just hope it can stay that way.
And there went another day's Nap Time. :::sigh::: Time to go warm up a bottle & feed the baby. Back to the grind, people!


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