Why is it that all day today I have been thinking that it was Friday? Imagine my immense disappointment when I realized that today was on Thursday..... How is it that the fun weeks go by in a flash, but the miserable ones seem to just draaaaag their way through day-by-day?

The baby has been uncharacteristically calm today--thank God!! He is such a cutie when he's cooing and talking to the jungle animals on his mobile. Makes me forget all the crying sprees that he's been going on lately. : )

The older kids are being pretty good today, too. They are all playing in the playroom...a hodge-podge game of...well, I'm not quite sure what it is. It's Disney Yahtzee mixed with Monopoly, though I think they are mainly just playing Bank Teller with the Monopoly set. I keep hearing my little boy yell "Hey! You've got more money than my Momma!" Hmmm.....maybe I'm in the wrong market...maybe I should spend my days on the city's streets, playing Yahtzee for cash. It seems to rack in quite a profit. : )


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