Running Low On Sanity

I am afraid that if I have to listen to one more minute of an infant crying, I will be forced to throw myself out of my bedroom window. As my luck would have it, though, I imagine the only thing I would succeed in doing is breaking an arm or leg & not actually ending this craziness.

Don't get me wrong. I do love children. Babies are absolutely adorable.

But the screaming & crying can wear a person out.

And he's not really exhibiting any signs of pain or discomfort. Just anger. He wants to be held constantly. And I can't do that. I cuddle with him plenty during the day, but can't hold him for every second of the day, the way that he wants me to.

I heard an older woman at the hair salon the other day tell a new mother how there is no such thing as holding an infant too much. And I agree with a point. I held & loved my children all the time (and still d0!). But I am also the one caring for them 100% of the time. It's very hard on infants to go from being held all the time at their home and then going to daycare or to their babysitter's & having to share the provider's attention with other children. So, I still agree that you cannot hold your child too long as YOU are the one taking care of your baby.

I think that this may be the last infant I'll accept at the daycare. From here on out, I am seriously considering only taking older toddlers and up. I can do the preschool thing & the teaching thing & crafts and all that fun stuff....but after so many years, a person just can't deal with the incessant crying of a colicky infant. My sanity means more to me than less than $3/hr. If I can just get this little guy out of this stage, we'll be fine : ).


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