Must Love Kids

Whenever people hear what I do, both for a living and for a parenting choice, they always tell me "Oh, you must love kids!" Which makes me I? I mean, obviously I do...I run a home daycare center & I homeschool my children. But there are days when I feel like I must be certifiable. At what point in my life did I sit down & decide that wiping poopy butts was something I wanted to do for...well, quite possibly...the rest of my life? I try and tell myself that it won't last forever...but as any mom knows, five minutes of listening to a child scream "That's MY toy!!" can feel like five days. I went to school & got my certification in a "real" field...the medical field. But I got waylaid by for my children ♥♥♥....and I decided that my certification, while great for my morale, would be useless: I was staying home with my children. Come hell or high water. And believe me folks, I have encountered both in my quest to be a stay-at-home mom!


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