Just what we need....MORE FREAKIN' SNOW!

Okay. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting really sick of seeing snow. It is almost MARCH, people!! I was all excited last week....it was getting warmer (in the high 30s, don't ya know!) and the birds were singing. Now, I had total faith in the damn birds. I figured that they must know something about nature...because, well, they live in it!! And so they're out there singing & I was hoping...twitterpating (as in, Bambie!). Bringing spring to us, sunshine & all!

But no. No. No. No.

That wasn't the plan, apparently.

I even trusted the groundhog. Well, actually, there were many groundhogs that checked for their shadows on Feb. 2nd. I picked the one that I thought was the smartest: the one who didn't see his shadow. Apparently, I picked the wrong groundhog. Figures.

I almost thought that I would get through this winter without having to buy my kids boots and snow pants. They didn't really mind not having them before. But now the snow is really coming down. And the stores aren't selling boots and snow pants anymore. They are selling flip flops and bathing suits!!! What the hell are my kids going to do with flip flops and bathing suits in 12" of snow?! I trusted you, Walmart, to judge what I needed to buy for my children....and look where it got me. You betrayed my trust, Walmart. And the flip flops' little thong fell off, so you're not really on my good list right now.

Stupid snow.


April said…
I know it's like the stores want you to stock up on winter stuff before it hits...but duh...we are all in denial until the snow actually hits. Then we say "well its just snow, happens every year, won't last long" But this is CRAZY!!! Then when you finally DO go out to buy your winter gear, the stores are like "YOUR TOO LATE"...and there's the swimsuits and shorts. You don't buy them because you feel like this winter will never end. By the time it warms up outside all the good swimsuits are taken, and all they have left are mismatched sets. GRRRRRRRrrrrrrr.....

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