Starting Montessori

We are a homeschooling family. MJ is our second-grader. She is 8. She is also in Girl Scouts (I'm one of her troop's leaders) and active in her church's youth program. Christian is our 5 year-old Kindergartner. He is also involved in the church youth program and is wanting to join soccer and Boy Scouts next year.

One of the bonuses of homeschooling is that you can alter your teaching method if it doesn't seem to be working. We have decided that we should lean more toward the Montessori method. This method of teaching allows the child to learn at their own pace and giving them a feeling of control, even though I am the one ultimately in control! Ha ha ha

Each week I hang their Lesson Plans on the refrigerator. It is broken up into days of the week, with each of their subjects/assignments listed. They choose when they want to do their work, and they have until dinnertime (sometimes later) to be sure that all of their work gets done.

This has worked miracles (so far!) in cutting down on the amount of arguments I have with MJ. She sees what work needs to be done and she is able to choose when she wants to do it. She knows she only has a set period of time to get it done and it is up to her to be sure that it gets done. This helps to develop their sense of responsibility and motivation.

It is also very helpful for me to manage my time with the kids' schooling because Christian loves to get started on his work early in the morning, whereas MJ likes to wait until after lunch.

My plan is to blog about their schooling and other family goings-on! Let's see if I can keep it up on a regular basis! : )


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