So Much Work!

So we got our Girl Scout cookies in and are trying to get them delivered, we are trying to redo the kids' room to get the most space out of a tiny room, we got a new puppy, Katie, that we are housetraining, I am planning my mom's group's Spring activities, designing a website for a local church....PLUS homeschooling. It's been a busy week!

This past weekend they got to go out and pick out new dressers for their room. Up until now they have been sharing one large dresser, but as they get bigger, so do their clothes and the amount of drawer space their clothes take up! Antonio picked out a red one, but they were no longer making red ones, so he switched to light blue. Jade picked out a lavender dresser. We are planning on painting their bedroom, dividing their large bookshelf into 2 smaller bookshelves (to use as nightstands, hopefully), and moving their old dresser and TV down to the basement playroom, which we are also getting ready to paint.

Christian is working on the letter "H" this week. I found that when I tried to teach him several letters a week, he would quickly forget their names and "sounds". Learning one a week has been really helping him retain the information! He loves to point out the letters he's learned when he sees them on billboards and store signs.

He is also working on his numbers, learning their value and how to write them. This week has been numbers between 13 and 20.

Today we played a rhyming game, where I would say a silly little riddle ("I like to play, it's so much fun, but gets real hot here in the _______" and he yells "sun!"). It really helps him to link together rhyming words. Plus he and Jade said their own silly little rhymes for the rest of their lunch, so that gave me some time to eat without hearing bickering. : )

For Critical Thinking, he's been doing a variety of kindergarten level activities, such as sorting and categorizing items.

He also does a daily picture journal entry. Today he had to draw a picture of him as a veterinarian. We have been working the last few weeks on various jobs and careers, though I have thrown a few fun themes in, as well (diving in the ocean, being a king, being in a band, etc).

MJ has been having some difficulty with writing some letters and numbers backwards. We are hoping that it is not dyslexia. I read several books from the library about dyslexia and other learning disabilities, however she doesn't seem to exhibit any other signs of a learning disorder. So have decided to just focus on her making sure to put her letters and numbers the right way. We bought her a small "cheat sheet" to keep next to her when she's writing. It shows all of the letters of the alphabet, that way it helps to guide her to write the letters the right way.

Reading: She does a daily lesson of Reading Comprehension, in which she reads a passage and then answers various questions about the passage.

Math: We have been working on double-digit addition and subtraction (no carrying numbers yet) and counting money and telling time. She does better when variety is offered and is flourishing with learning these math skills.

Language Arts: Again, variety is instilled! She occasionally does a journal entry (both in writing and with a picture, if she chooses), though we are focusing more now on capitalization and punctuation. We are also having her write sentences from a "traditional manuscript" workbook, to focus her attention on putting letters in the right placement.

Science: We are learning about matter and the forms and values of it. This is a new area for us, so there's not much to say right now.

Geography: On Monday we read about Aristotle and how he discovered that the Earth was, in fact, round from watching an eclipse.


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