Oh, Come On!!!

Okay, so I was sitting on my couch alternately watching "The Ex", talking on the phone with my mom and reading stories about ghosts in Ohio. (yeah, I'm big on multi-tasking) The kids were doing one of their school games/programs on the internet. All of a sudden I heard this strange noise. I can only describe it as sounding like a waterfall of-sorts. Right away I knew this sound was unlike any other I have heard in my house (and with my mischievous little ones, that's a feat!). I yelled upstairs, "What are you guys doing?" No answer. Again I yell. No answer. Suddenly my daughter bursts out of my bedroom telling me that the noise is coming from the bathroom. Still on the phone with my mom I bound up the stairs. I run into the bathroom and the waterfall sound gets louder. I didn't bother turning on the lights, but tried turning off the faucets. They were already turned off, though. As embarrassing as it is, my first thought was "it's a GHOST!" (remember that book I was reading.....) But I couldn't figure out why the sink was empty but my feet were wet.

That's when it hit me. My pipes had burst under my bathroom vanity!!!

I scream into the phone "Mom!! My pipe in the bathroom broke and there is water pouring out of the cabinets all over the floor!! What do I do?!?" (Looking back I realize that I am not so good at emergency situations)

She yells back at me, "Well, for one you can GET OFF THE PHONE AND CALL YOUR LANDLORD!!!"

So I did. And while I was calling them, I was trying to turn the under-the-sink water valves off, but couldn't budge them. The receptionist in my landlord's office said for me to turn off the main water valve to the apartment and that the maintainance man would be there in just a few minutes. (Thank God for small towns!)

I ran downstairs (after her giving me, per my request, the "Complete Idiot's Guide To Turning Off Water Valves") and turned off the water supply. Then, running back upstairs and wading through 2 inches of water that had taken up residence on my bathroom floor, I tried hiding all embarrassing femine items (Mom told me that I should have used the pads to soak up the water, LOL). I ended up just dumping everything from my vanity into my bathtub just as the guy got to my door.

Now, two hours later, my water pipes are fixed and the water is cleaned up off the bathroom floor. But I still have all of my hair products, female products and various odds-and-ends piled in my bathtub. I am pissed. I had enough to do without wringing out my bathroom goods. And my kids are arguing. My garage (which doubles as our storage area) is partly flooded. As is my basement.

I just want to go back to bed and pull the blankets over my head. But instead, here I sit, typing away on my computer trying to escape from reality! : ) Oh well.....that's life, I guess. It's also why God invented alcoholic beverages : ).


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