Dream On

Recently I've been having some really crazy dreams and some of them, frankly, are just creeping me out. I mean, there are only so many dreams that one can have about somebody murdering them before you want to look into it, you know?

So I went to the library and checked out a book about interpreting dreams (The Complete Idiot's Guide Dream Dictionary). What I found there amazed me.....

For example, if you dream of filling up your car's gas tank with some gasoline that means that you are needing some down time to catch up on life's little pleasures. How interesting. I would have guessed that a dream would be filling up my tank for under $20. Filling it up nowadays is just a nightmare! Some of their explanations are just plain logic: dream of bruises and that means that you have been hurt IRL; dream of a bra and that means you need more support in life (LOL); if you dream you are a saint, apparently you have done something super-wonderful and credit-worthy IRL (ummm...can anybody say full of yourself?); dream you are invisible and that reveals that you feel unnoticed in your life. Yeah...some of those don't take a genious, if you get my drift. Someone needs a book to explain it to them?

But back to my nightmare of being murdered.......due to the above dreams being so cut-and-dry, what if my being murdered wasn't symbolic at all, but literal?! Here's what the book said.... Since the person that was after me had no visible face (I'm sure they had one, but they are always in the shadows) that symbolizes a person in my life who has recently done something to me that makes me question if I really know them at all. (Which, in light of certain events that have happened recently, makes sense) The murder part, according to this book, is reveals that I am anxious about someone's intentions OR I am fearing an upcoming change in my life and I am worried about the outcome.

Now I need another book to tell me WHO this 2-faced friend is and what ill-intentions they have OR what is the big change in my life. This book's answer to "dream meanings" is actually making me worry more than the dream did....

When I told Antonio about the book, he got all excited. Apparently he's been having some strange dreams, too. His latest was that he was bitten by a tarantula on the hand. The Dream Dictionary revealed that this dream actually means that he has been overly worried about a situation in his life and that he needs to let it go.

While this book really had some interesting theories, I am still in the dark about what our dreams really mean. First of all, is this book accurate? And second of all, if it is accurate, who and what are these problems and people that are taking on other forms to harass us in our dreams?

My poor son was so upset when I had to tell him that the book had no answer for his "Dinosaur chasing him, trying to eat him" dream. He just couldn't come to terms with the fact that it was just a nightmare and harbored no secret meaning. The whole family (including me) is intrigued by the book saying that if you go to sleep, thinking intently of a question, your question will be answered in your dreams.....

Sweet dreams!


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