Survived the holidays! Bring on the new year!

I can't believe Christmas is over already. It seems that all of the building up and preparing for the holiday season just leads to complete deflation in record time. Like a balloon letting the air out, flying around the room, only to end up as a lifeless lump on the floor.

The kids, due to an unexpected real-life Santa Clause, ended up with more gifts than we ever dreamed possible. It's funny because we have been telling them lately that they have been so naughty lately that they should prepare themselves for receiving only coal for Christmas. We were half-serious, too. But after my relatives chipped in and bought them a lot of wonderful Christmas presents, the kids exclaimed on Christmas morning "Wow, Momma!! We thought we'd been bad this year, but this is the most presents we've ever gotten from Santa! He must have thought we've been really good!" LOL

We are going tonight to see the Christmas lights display at Blossom. The kids are really excited to go: they love to see Christmas lights! I wish that I could still view the world the way that they see innocent and vibrant. Everything has the possibility of being magical. I love that about my babies, they are true believers.


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