Let the Festivities Begin!

I can't believe how fast Christmas approached this year. Didn't we just get our bank account in the black after last year's holidays? Figures : ).

Well, we started our holiday shopping a little earlier this year. Typically you can find my husband and I in the toy section on December 23rd, scrambling to find something resembling suitable gifts for our two little ones. It's not that we forget about Christmas, it's just that due to finances, we usually can't get to the stores any sooner. But this year I was determined to shop "early". We finished a few days ago! Woo hoo!

We went caroling at the hospital yesterday. We went with my Moms Club. Only one other family came to sing with us, but that's okay. We still had fun. And the kids felt proud of themselves because they helped to make the sick people and sad people feel better. Since we homeschool, this was also a school lesson: reaching out and doing a good deed for their local community.

Today we are going to dinner at Friday's with some of my family. And then tomorrow (which is also my birthday) we'll go to dinner at my grandparents' house. And we'll go to my parents' home on Christmas day for dinner. And then on the 26th, we'll go visit my other grandma. I think the real reason that companies give Holiday Vacations is because, after all of this visiting, most people need the vacation! Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be spending the Christmas holidays with family, but all of the running around drains me! Is there anybody out there that it doesn't drain?

Well, the kids are arguing and debating over who is going to tell on the other one, so I'm gonna go hide. : )

Merry Christmas!!!!


nina said…
I am not sure how to comment on the ones I read. I haven't had a chance to read this one yet but I have read two of your other blogs and they were Delicious!!! Fun Fun Fun!

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