Wednesday, May 25, 2016

House Hunting Is Over!

...or so they say
Well, that was a short-lived dream, wasn't it?

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Part 2 can be found HERE

I really wanted that house.


I finally found something to hope for...but that's over now.

Antonio called me on Monday from a job site to let me know that he finally spoke to a mortgage broker and she told him that it is impossible for us to get a loan right now.

And not for the reason that we thought: bad credit.

But because we have only been self-employed for going on our 2nd year.

I never thought that would be an issue...because in my prior research, I had read that if you had less than 2 years of owning your own business, then the requirement was you had to own it no less than one year AND have several years of experience working in that particular field and be able to show books for the current year outlining our profit/loss for the year so far.

We had that part covered big time. Antonio has 13 years of swimming pool experience. I've been keeping books. I've got tax stuff from last year. But I guess the rules have changed.

I don't know. 

I just know that it's heartbreaking.

What's worse, though? I went to look at "our"'s now pending. It's going to be someone else's house.

Fuck this.

Fuck all of this.

I am so sick and tired of hoping and praying for something.


Every year I hear "oh, next year" and then the next year it is "oh, maybe next year" over and over and over again.

It's never going to happen.


And to add the f*cking icing to the cake: Antonio applied for a secured credit card with our bank...paid $300 in advance...and was told he'd hear something in a couple of days, whether we've been approved or denied. It's been over a week. He's "too busy" to call them and check. I'm not sure what's going on, exactly, but I'm pretty sure he got duped. And I don't know if he even got a fricking receipt. Thanks, PNC!! You're a gem!!

*  *  *  *  *

UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday (Tuesday)...I am feeling much better today. hahaha I am one of those people who blows up and gets it all out (as much as those around me hate it) but I also get over the bulk of it in 24 hours. I'm okay now. Still upset but not livid anymore. ::sigh:: I really wanted that house, though.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Road Trip & Reunion | Naptime Adventures

I announced on Facebook last week that I had a little road trip coming up in the next month or so...well, I like to keep people on their toes...and robbers away from my door (haha), so I keep the dates and times and whatnot of when I'm leaving my house a mystery.

(Those who signed up for the "offical Naptime postcard mailing list"'ll be receiving your postcards soon from our mystery destination!)

This past weekend...we went on an adventure!

I'll be breaking the story up into 2 parts. This is Part 1!

Our road trip...and reunion with my mom and dad!!

(aka...Grammy & PopPop)

We hit the road at around 11 pm...we were all excited but kind of nervous because we weren't sure how Gypsy was going to do on the trip.

She's pretty hostile to other people in her valiant attempt to protect us.

But we needed her to be good for this trip and not go crazy in the hotel that was our main worry.

Also, we weren't sure how she would do for the FIVE HOUR car trip, in general. Eek!

She ended up doing great! She only got sick once a couple of hours into the trip...note the blue towel she's laying on? Yeah. Poor girl tossed her cookies right away and then was pretty blissed out for the rest of the trip. See how big her smile is? Awww, pretty girl!

Lots of rain alllll the way up to Kentucky.

Someone was EXTREMELY excited for pit stops!

She was pretty freaked out when the "pack" split up and Antonio took a few of the kiddos in to the gas station for a potty break and to buy snacks. How can she protect them if they go IN but she has to stay OUT?!

Antonio waiting for the kiddos to finish up in the bathrooms.

She was keeping an eye on anyone that dared to pull into the parking lot while we were there waiting. Don't let that pink harness and leash throw you off...she is fierce. haha

Okay, guys. Enough's enough. I'm tired of waiting out there for ya'll. Let's goooooo!

My crew picked out some yummy snacks for the road!


I wish my camera would've captured the true beauty that bridge was emanating!

Zoooooooooming through the night.

We ended up in Cave City, KY at around 3 am CST.

I had reserved a room at Motel 6 up there...the online pics were NOT promising but it's only $60 a night and kids and dogs stay free. So, yeah. Motel 6 it was!

It turned out to be nowhere near as bad as we thought! The room, though outdated, was big enough for all of us and had a large flat screen tv. And free (but weak) wifi.

Double bonus: the front desk guy gave us one night free!!

Antonio and I slept in one bed...Mahri and the baby boys slept in the other.

Christian opted for the floor on my yoga mat.

Poor Austin had gotten car sick after those road trip snacks, so he was a soon as we got into the room....

We set up Gypsy's super large crate in the room. We weren't sure how she would react in the hotel room and didn't want her freaking out and barking at everything. We thought that her crate and familiar pillows and blankets would help to calm her. And it did! Most of the time she got to hang with us on the bed but when we went to grab something to eat (the restaurants we went to during our stay were right across the street) and sleep, she slept in her crate.

Christian wants it on the record that yoga mats, although cushiony, are NOT as comfortable as an actual mattress. And Levi, in his sleep, kept dropping his stuffed dog on Christian's head. haha

We only got probably 2-3 hours of sleep before we had to get up...because my mom and dad were on their way from Ohio!!

Smooshed in there like sardines...hahaha

I looked and felt like a zombie...

We got up and dressed and ready to meet Grammy and PopPop!

A short little jaunt across the street to Cracker Barrel for grub!

Christian beat my mom every time. He tried to let her win..but she yelled at him. hahaha

Levi's waiting excitedly for his macaroni and cheese.

One waitress came over and told Mahri how beautiful her hair was. Later, she came up and told Levi how much she loved his Falcons hat. 

Every single person that was working at the Cave City Cracker Barrel was totally amazing and we got the best service there than we ever have at any other CB we've ever been to!

PopPop and the little guys.

Love these two!

The lady and gentleman behind my mom and Mahri kept giving us weird looks because I had both my regular camera AND my vlogging camera...I probably DID look slightly photo-obsessed. hahaha I blocked his face out, though, lest he be in the Witness Protection Program. ha!

PopPop and Levi bonding over table games. In their matching orange shirts! (totally unplanned but still a pretty cool accident)

And after our meal, it was time to go on the main adventure!

The little guys got to find out at the table at Cracker Barrel where we were going...and they were pumped!! Though, I may have been more excited than they were, truth be told.

Just wait til you see where we were heading....

To be continued in Part 2.....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dufuses...with fake accents

And...because we're not weird enough here on the blog.....we had to memorialize it on video....

You're welcome...and I'm sorry. hahaha

(no fear of nip slips...I quadruple checked...there are none! lol)

Friday, May 20, 2016

My 1st Day with a Corset

I know, I know...they're becoming all the rage lately.

But I promise that's not why I bought one!

I was honestly floored. I had NEVER heard of belly binding before and what she said made PERFECT sense. I mean, is it possible to avoid having that loose stomach muscle after child birth? Or, at the very least, make it a whole lot less noticeable?!

WHY do we not do this anymore? (please, please PLEASE go watch her video if you are not super familiar with postpartum belly binding! She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!) I mean, did you know that postpartum belly binding helps to move all of your stomach muscles and organs back into prepregnancy place? I mean, not perfectly but it definitely aids the transition to getting your prebaby body back!

Well, that ship has long sailed, given that my youngest just turned 4 years old last month. But...maybe corsets can help me now...after the fact (in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise)?

I don't know. I want to give it a try.

I've used those spandexy Spanx things. Well, the knock-off version, anyway. And they were "okay" but nothing really to rave about. Though they DID give my booty a cute little lift! ::wink:: I tried using the ones that just went on like underwear...but those rolled down. Even the ones that said "doesn't roll down!" So I preferred the ones that were like a tank top bodysuit? Click HERE to see what I am talking about

But then you run into a problem when you go do you pee?

Sorry, guys, I really can't figure it in the world do you do it without peeing all over yourself?! So I would just take the whole damn thing off. In the public bathroom!! To my friends that I had a Girls Night Out with the last time I went to Ohio...what do ya'll think took me so long when I went to the bathroom? I was in there doing aerobics!! hahahaha

That's when I put 2 and 2 together.... a corset won't roll down. BUT you can still go to the bathroom without undressing all the way. Double bonus!! haha!!

So I went over to my favorite store...Amazon...and checked around. I found THOUSANDS of great reviews for the Yianna steel-boned corsets, so I decided to give them a try.

If you are looking to buy one, be sure to check out their Size Chart that is located in their little photo gallery (NOT the one right next to where you choose which size you want. I didn't realize that the Amazon-provided "Size Chart" was waaay off...and I was left wondering if I didn't know how how to measure myself or what...Because I went by THAT measurement chart and ordered mine 5XL because customer reviews said to order a size up because they are tight) (check out my fitness journey videos on YouTube if you're wondering about my measurements and weight loss)...but when it came it was WAY too big and was practically falling off. So I ordered a 3XL and even that I have to put on the tightest fitting. Just now I was checking out their Amazon page and realized that they had a size chart pictured in the photo gallery and it was way different than the stock Amazon one. I'm not sure what I'm going to do...the 2XL's largest "setting" is an inch smaller than this one...I need one quite a bit tighter in the below-chest area...but not sure how much smaller I could comfortably go in the waist...hmmm....

They say that you are supposed to wear this all day long. You only take it off to shower. And maybe have a separate one for exercising in. Many women say that you need to sleep in it, so I may try that. Cuz that's super sexy, right? hahahaha

All in all, I really do love it! I know it's only the first day...and still we'll see!

It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. It is really helping me stand and sit up straight. It's not super uncomfortable to bend over...maybe a little tight but not painful at all. I'm able to breathe fully and deeply. This really isn't bad at all.

UPDATE (next day): I've decided to go down another size to a 2xl. I didn't like how it was too loose up at the top, under my chest. My daughter felt the bottom of the corset and has confidence that I could most certainly go tighter...which was the same opinion I had, as I had put it on so easily by myself. So by going down to the 2xl (which, at its largest setting is 1" smaller than my current one), I will be able to adjust to be probably on the third row of hooks around my waist area and get tighter (2nd and 1st row of hooks) as I go higher up. But I'm keeping the 3xl just in case the 2xl doesn't work out as well as I'm hoping!

What do you think of waist training? Would you ever wear one 23 hours a day?? (not to the point where you can't breathe or it's uncomfortable...but just that it "snatches everything in"?)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sad and Stressed

Read part 1 of our House Hunting journey HERE

Guys, I know that my whole "wanting to buy a house" spiel is new to you...but it's been a major deal to me for several years now.

I have been wanting a house and begging Antonio to get us a house for years...but his credit has always been lacking. (as of right now, it is considered "very poor")

Each year, he tells me that he's going to work on cleaning up his credit. But tells me not to bug him. Then, the next year rolls around and I begin talking about buying a house again....but, lo and behold, his credit is still a disaster area.

When asked why he didn't do it, he has several stock answers: "I couldn't afford to pay off anything" or "I forgot."

Maybe he just gets overwhelmed when looking at it. But he never wanted to follow my plans of how we could pay off the bills one at a time, over time.

I am just heartbroken.

I want this house that I found.

I've NEVER seen one so perfect for us in all the years I've been house hunting (even back when we got our first house 10 years ago) that fits within our budget.

But I know that our paying off everything yesterday (except the worker's comp medical bill) won't do any good on his credit. Paying off delinquent accounts doesn't raise credit...only having them deleted will. And none of the collection agencies would delete them.

The bank said that the secured credit card will raise his score 100 points in 3 months, but I don't believe that. I think they were just trying to get him to get the card so they could meet some quota the bank gives their employees. Even if it does raise it 100 points....3 months is a heck of a long time to expect a house to just sit on the market.

This house is going to slip away, like all of the others I've loved over the years. The big difference is just how badly I want this one.

I feel like I am such a nag...I am constantly having to call and check "did you do this" or "did you call that person" or "did you fax that letter"? And I know that it annoys him but if I don't do it, he ends up completely forgetting about it. Then we have to wait another year. This is the 4th or 5th year that we've attempted to get another house...but each year his credit is still crappy. And each year he'll say that "I'll work on it over the next year and we'll try again next year." I'm tired of this old song and dance and this year I am doing everything in my power to get that credit score UP!

I am trying to have faith and know that if God wants us to have it, we will....but I feel stupid and naive to think that just having faith is going to be enough.

Is it ridiculously silly that I am so upset about this, to the point that I have tears in my eyes while I write this? I just want to give up....

Let this be a lesson to young people who think that letting bills go to collection won't hurt you...eventually it's all going to catch up with you and you will pay. One way or another, you'll pay.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Reshaping Straw Cowboy Hats

You can only imagine my disappointment when I opened the box containing my straw cowboy hat from Amazon...I had been excitedly waiting for it for days...when I opened the box and saw that it didn't look right.

I wish I would have take "before" pics...but it turns out that I am a very poor blogger when it comes to recording these important moments in time. But, rest assured, it needed some attention, pronto! The front brim was rippled and the sides were rolled up like cigars. No bueno.

But I read online that you can semi-easily reshape straw cowboy hats!

Because I have plans for using my much-anticipated cowboy hat here in the next few days, I jumped all over the plan to reshape it.

Problem was...I didn't really know how I wanted it to look.

I decided to Google "cowboy hats"...but that just got me a bunch of stock pictures of cowboy hats. Duh. So I Googled "women in cowboy hats"...which gave me more stock pictures of nothing but cowboy hats..some on mannequins' heads.

No, I wanted to really see it "in action" of what I wanted. don't judge me...but I decided to really dig in with Google...

I typed in "sexy cowgirl in straw cowboy hat".

Jackpot!! For the sake of not completely and totally humiliating myself by posting the image I was going for (no, she wasn't nude, thank you very much)...but I nowhere near resemble the hot girl in the picture...and I'm sure the finished product that is my reshaped hat looks nothing like her hat...but it did give me a bit more to go on for what look I was going for with my hat!

First, you need to throroughly wet down the brim of the hat to make the straw soft and pliable.

Then, once soft and wet, gently shape the hat with your hands.



As opposed to shaping with your feet?

Which you could probably do if you have extremely talented tootsies.

I don't know your foot-skills, yo. I ain't judgin' you!

(let me let you in on a secret: I really still had noooo idea what I was doing...but it was sort of working! haha)

Then I let it sit on a proper hat stand.

Or..ya know...a sanitizing wipes canister.

I know it's not perfect but I don't think it's nearly as bad as it was when I opened the box.

I actually think it looks kind-of, sort-of cute....

And once it had dried a bit, I oh-so-gently put it on my head and took a bunch of ridiculous selfies. As one does when they own a new and reshaped cowboy hat.