Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Weeks 15-21 | Baby Number 6

I think this picture of Isabel and I sums it up nicely:


My tummy is getting so extremely large. Those of you who have known me through at least a few of my pregnancies know that my stomach gets REALLY BIG, REALLY FAST.

Most people say that it's because I've been pregnant so many times...and usually that's what I joke, too. But the truth is, I have been like this with every single one of my pregnancies. I remember getting into a very enthusiastic argument with an older gentleman at the laundromat when I was pregnant with my first. He was quite certain that I was having twins. I had already had a couple of ultrasounds at that point and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was only one baby in there. But he continued to insist that I was enormous and therefore there must be more than one baby.


I can't argue it too much because I gained a whopping SIXTY POUNDS with my first pregnancy!! 60!!! I was 103 when I went in for my first prenatal visit and was 163 on the day that I delivered.

BUT I gained nowhere near that with my subsequent pregnancies and my stomach as always been quick to expand. I love it, truth be told. There's not too many "is she pregnant or does she just really like tacos?" looks that I get because it's pretty obvious early on that there's a baby in that thar hill! hahaha

Belly shot at 18 weeks pregnant with Baby Mistletoe (#6)

So...anyway...let's catch up with all that's been going on over the last few weeks with Baby Mistletoe, okay?

Still not a huge appetite increase. For awhile, I was craving Popeye's Spicy Chicken but that only lasted a week or two. Then I was back to the only thing sounding really good ever was fresh fruits, sometimes veggies, and pasta.

Unfortunately for my efforts to watch how much weight I gain with this pregnancy, we discovered THE most delicious authentic Italian restaurant in Buford, Georgia. The baby adores it and so do I (and actually the entire family, so it's bonuses all across the board!). We've been there twice in the last 2 weeks...probably it was more like twice in a week, maybe a week and a half...but the thing is: it's almost an HOUR away, depending on traffic! But cravings don't care about that sort of stuff, do they? I really must make an honest effort to find delicious Italian food a bit closer to the house.

I was having really bad insomnia at the beginning of the pregnancy but that seems to have mostly subsided, thank God! I was waking up around 5 am every morning...desperately try to go to sleep for an hour...then Isabel would wake to nurse at 6 am...I'd try to fall back to sleep but had to be up for work at 7 am. It was killing me.

Speaking of Isabel nursing, she's been going back and forth. I am fairly certain that my milk has mostly "dried up", though I do have a little. Just a few weeks ago, she was nursing every couple of hours and then seemingly without warning, she cut WAY down. She was nursing once...maybe a 24-hour period and pretty much cutting out all nighttime nursing. I've cried about it some because I am mourning that relationship that she and I shared. But I am also extremely grateful that we got to have it (despite all of the challenges, especially in the early days) and that it has lasted 15 months. I was also starting to get nervous because I only have one truly functioning breast due to a lumpectomy I had when Mahri was just a few months old. So as much as I love the idea of tandem nursing, I just didn't see it very feasible (or good for my sanity!) when I only had one breast to offer two babies.

I've been experiencing mild heartburn as well as occasional headaches.

I think I've been keeping my mood swings pretty well in check, for the most part. Well. Kind of. hahaha 

I have yet to buy anything for the baby. All I've bought thus far is a fish net scoop thing for our home birth. That might sound silly...but seriously, I think I ordered that sucker from Amazon the second that two pink lines showed up on that pregnancy test. See, the fish net is to get out...things that happen...while laboring in the water. 

Poop, people. Okay? POOP. It happens.


Anyway, my BIGGEST fear with my water birth with Isabel was that I was going to poop in the water. And I did. But my midwife assured me that they could easy peasy scoop it out with a fish net and it would be gone before anyone ever knew it was there. So that's what I was counting on. It was also among the two things that I asked my husband to buy for the birth. (the other thing was the adaptor for our shower head to attach the hose to fill the birthing pool) He assured me he got it. It was ready to go for the birth. So the birth is happening. I poop in the water. He brings in an ENORMOUS pool cleaning net!!!!! The midwife and doula just stared and said "Dude. We can't use that. The poop stays."

And stay it did.

And that is why my very first--and only thus far--purchase for this baby is a small fish net.

There will be no lingering poop in the water with me, ya'll.

Not this time.


We went for an ultrasound the other day to make sure that Baby Mistletoe is happy and healthy in there. Since we don't want to know the gender, there was no peeking at that region at all. Baby was sleepy...the ultrasound tech said that it was because I hadn't eaten lunch before the visit (no time what with trying to wrap up work and get 5 kids out the door in find parking in downtown Atlanta), so there were no great photo ops given to us by Baby Mistletoe. S/he yawned once and it was adorable but over before the tech could snap a pic.

Now for the boring, yet important, medical details:

At my last prenatal visit, my blood pressure was great at 112/72

And my weight was 174.

I've been going to the chiropractor every 2 weeks and that helps so much with back and hip pain! I highly recommend going to a SKILLED chiropractor if/when you are pregnant!

I look like I have 12 chins in this picture but you can quite clearly just what I'm talking about when I say that my belly gets big. This is at 20.5 weeks. (seriously, Mahri, thank you for capturing this amazing moment!! I love you!!)

Well, let me get going...Isabel is in the next room throwing a temper tantrum, so I need to go see if I can diffuse the situation a bit.

How have all of you guys been?!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 14 | Baby Number 6

So this may be a total fluke that I'm able to do an actual weekly post instead of lumping a bunch together...but either way, here ya go!

Week 14 was tiring but otherwise pretty uneventful in terms of symptoms.

One of my closest friends, Brenda (and her awesome hubby and kids) came to visit us on their way back to Ohio. Technically they visited the day before I turned 14 weeks but I'll include it here! We planned on having a pool party...but Mother Nature had other plans. Like a bunch of rain. But the kids swam in the rain anyway since there wasn't any lightning.

We hung out at their hotel later in the evening and the kids swam some more in the indoor pool, which my kids thought was pretty darn cool.

Later in the week, Christine (home birth midwife) came for my prenatal visit.

She found it humorous that my pregnancy app says that Baby Mistletoe is the size of a troll doll. hahaha

Baby did not want to cooperate in terms of letting us hear his/her heartbeat. We caught a snippet of it before they swam off to hide for an extremely ridiculous amount of time. Christine finally caught up with the little stinker and we got a "strong heartbeat" (Christine's words) in the 150s.

As I mentioned on Facebook, the only two babies that gave me that hard of a time when it came to hearing their heartbeat were Austin and Levi. So I Baby Mistletoe a BOY? hmmmm

My blood pressure was good: 108/72

And my weight was 168.5 which means that I have LOST 2.5 pounds since our last visit!

That's not too big of a surprise since Isabel is still nursing and my appetite is not very big. Which the whole lack-of-appetite thing during pregnancy has only ever occurred during my pregnancy with Isabel. So....maybe Baby Mistletoe is a GIRL?? hmmmmm

I feel like my exhaustion is palpable....

We also rescued 2 baby bunnies from Sophie & Gypsy (our dogs)! After making sure the dogs couldn't get to them anymore (their nest is in our fenced in pool area), I put them back at the entrance of their nest and they hopped right back in.

And that was my 14th week! I hope you had a fantabulous week, too!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Weeks 9-13 | Baby Number 6

I had every intention of giving you every juicy tidbit of how this pregnancy is treating me, just like all of those amazing Mommy bloggers are able to do. Even Mommy bloggers, like me, with a million kids.

But I just can't find the time.

Plus, in the first trimester, even the desire to blog was dormant. I just wanted to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Actually, it wasn't that I wanted to so much as it was that was all I had the energy for. This pregnancy came with a body depleting exhaustion like no other. It's brutal.

But I just hit 14 weeks, so let me try to summarize the last few weeks for ya, ok?

Oh, hey, I just found a blog entry that was in my Draft section...apparently I had a little to say about Week 9:

"The night I turned 9 weeks along, the heartburn began. Mainly right before bedtime.
Appetite picked up. No real cravings and nothing really sounds great...but I am hungry all the time. I don't know if it's purely from the pregnancy or because I am also still nursing Isabel frequently throughout the day and night.
My deep exhaustion is still going strong (as of 9w2d) and it's frustrating. And tiring. lol I read that this could be because milk production is taking its toll right alongside of the pregnancy. It may also have something to do with Isa waking up multiple times at night to nurse. But I'm waking up exhausted, dragging through the day but by mid-late afternoon, I can't take it anymore and am trying to nap. Usually to no avail, as the phone doesn't stop ringing nor do kids and babies stop yelling. The kids try to be quiet, they really do, but Austin & Levi are 6 & 7 year old boys, so noise is to be expected."

I don't think the heartburn lasted more than a few days but you can see that the desire to document, document, document was there. ::wink:: But you can see that the exhaustion was literally something to write home about.

Week 10

My midwife Christine & doula Shaconna came for my first prenatal visit. Not much went on then except a whole lot of "oh my god, weren't we just here delivering a baby?!" lol She also drew several vials of blood for testing.

We are not planning on having genetic testing or finding out the gender.

My weight was 171, which meant I had gained 3 lbs since I got pregnant.

I got really sick for weeks 11 til about 13. My asthma flared up and I was completely out of my medication (I use an albuterol emergency inhaler and Advair on a non-consistent basis, just using it when I start to feel my lungs getting tight), so I went to Urgent Care but the doctor there wasn't comfortable prescribing my Advair because it is considered a Class C drug, which means that it has shown to cause problems for pregnant women and/or their fetuses. I tried to go without the Advair for another day or so but just simply couldn't breathe. So Christine called it in for me. We know that the benefit greatly outweighs the risk. As Christine said "Your pregnant, mama, we need you to be able to breathe!" But I do truly appreciate the doctor at Urgent Care taking a stand for something that she felt to be dangerous. And at the time of my UC visit, I was just starting to get really bad....I can always feel it setting in before the SHTF, if you know what I'm saying. So, at the time, the UC doctor just didn't feel it was necessary. I get it. I really do.

My IBS has also been acting up really bad. Just like it does with every one of my pregnancies. I found out that not every one with IBS has the severe pain like I do. My IBS pains are horrific. They make labor feel like a walk in the park. For real. I just take a lot of Gas X when it hits. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. It's a crap shoot. ahahahaha See what I did there?! hahahaha

Week 11

Photo montage!! And we found the baby's heartbeat. <3 

Isabel was really interested....for about 10 seconds. hahaha

Week 12

Baby is the size of a little toy soldier!! And check out those hand and foot prints! The larger hand and foot are the size of a newborn baby's. The yellow is the size of Baby Mistletoe's!! So tiny!!

Bathroom selfies at Fry's Electronics!! hahaha!

Week 13

Baby is the size of a Matchbox car!! Hands and feet are getting bigger!!

My energy level picked up around Week 13. I began answering the phone for our business, handling customer service and scheduling, as well as dispatching and my other office duties. It's tiring but nice to have something adult-centered to focus on.

Mood swings are not as bad as they were for my other pregnancies. I've also been trying to make a conscious effort to identify my emotions and sort out if they are REAL or's not always effective, but it IS working for the most part. I just acknowledge how I'm feeling...let myself feel it for a minute, while thinking about "why do I feel like this?" 

Near the end of Week 13, I had a singular day when I believed that my life was just miserable and that my marriage was a sham. That it just wasn't worth it to go on. Yeah. Had myself a nice little Pity Party. But came to the conclusion that "communication" is VERY important to me. If I feel ignored, I start to fall apart. I don't think I'm being super needy...but this particular day I had work questions for Antonio, clients calling with important many many freaking out clients that needed reassurance...but it was just me....I had no answers for them....Antonio had the answers and he was out of reach for over 12 hours. And it was only my second day on the job....with no training. Yeah, I freaked out a little. ::shrugs::

I checked my weight at my chiropractor's office (currently the only place I'm doing my weight checks) and I weighed in at 168.5 . Which means that I lost 2.5 lbs in the last few weeks and only weigh half of a pound more than my pregnancy weight.

Foods don't sound all that appealing to me. Nothing in particular, anyway. I was craving mango for a few days. Then watermelon. Now nothing. Between work and Isabel, I just don't have time to hang around, eating or even thinking about food.

Oh! Speaking of Isabel... I've started introducing her to the baby. Same as I do all of my little ones when I'm pregnant. I tell her that there's a baby in my tummy. So she pulls up my shirt and starts poking me in the belly button or scratching at my stretch marks. hahaha I tell her that there's a baby in there and she looks super interested. When you ask if she wants to hug the baby, she hugs my belly. It is THE cutest thing ever!! She is going to be a great big sister!!

Well, that's about it for this update AND my first trimester!! I'll see you all in my next post! Until then, you can also follow me on Facebook by clicking HERE. Let's have fun together, ok?!! 


Monday, May 7, 2018

First Trimester Weeks 1-8 | Baby Number 6

I'm going to try to be better at documenting THIS pregnancy...but being that this is my 6th baby and Isabel just turned 1 less than a month ago, let's just say that I may get a little busy and distracted. LOL

How I Knew I Was Pregnant....

It all started with total and complete exhaustion.

I was actually getting slightly worried because a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer and she said that the main symptom she had was extreme fatigue. That even getting standing up to take a shower was too overwhelming.

That's how I felt.

So, yeah. I was freaking out a little.

But deep inside I was thinking....dude. There's been other times when you've been THIS tired. Falling asleep while sitting straight up tired. Don't want to go to pee because that involves the energy of both standing and walking. Yep. I've been here before. Many times before. hahaha

But I pushed it out of my mind for a week or so.

Then one night I realized that...hey, weren't you supposed to start your period? Hmm...when were you supposed to start? So I made a mental note to check my Ovia Fertility App in the morning to see when I was supposed to start my period.

(Ironically, we were using the app to track my fertility to know when to avoid intimacy....but Antonio's never been big on following schedules, so there went that whole idea... hahaha Besides, we were using condoms every time until he went for his vasectomy, so what was the harm? hahaha But, hey, you know what? God apparently had bigger and better plans for us!!)

So I checked Ovia first thing in the morning....I was already a week late!

Ruh roh.

Antonio and I talked about how I had actually mentioned that I had ovulated a few weeks ago...but then a week or so later I told him that I had a weird pinching feeling in my side for a few hours. I now wonder if that was implantation....


Antonio took me to Walgreens that evening to buy A Test. Actually, we had the whole "didn't you buy a 20 pack of tests off of Amazon" which I had to tell him that I pissed through all of those tests....literally!!....during previous months when I thought that "maybe I might could be pregnant" He was amused.

So, like a classy wino, I had the clerk put the box of tests into a brown paper bag that I hid in my shirt as I went to the car. I didn't want the kids to suspect anything until I knew for sure.

And the rest is history...

Isabel is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!!!


Baby is due in December, so we nicknamed him/her Baby Mistletoe.


Starting weight (prepregnancy): 168

Super extremely tired. Especially in the mid-afternoon.

And I'm ready for bed by, like, 9 pm.

I do have bouts of mild nausea but haven't really thrown up yet. I say "really" because one time I gagged in Lowe's parking lot and a little something came up but I swallowed it. Sorry, guys...tmi, maybe...but it's a normal part of pregnancy.

My IBS has been flaring up a lot. Which is normal for me during pregnancy. I have learned that many people do not have a lot of pain with their IBS, however, mine causes extreme stomach pain that spreads to my back. Sheer pain sends chills all over my body. A good comparison of the pain is this: my labor with Isabel was nothing compared to my IBS pain.

I did have a few headaches in the beginning but those seem to have subsided.

I get really weepy for seemingly small things.

I have to pee all the time.

Foods really just don't sound good to me. Just like with Isabel. Sooo...hmmm??? Another girl?? Who knows....

I want fruity things and salads sound so good to me. So imagine my delight when romaine became inedible for my first trimester. Grrrr Thanks, e coli. Oh, and chocolate almond milk. Just like with Isa.

I downloaded the Ovia Pregnancy app and really like it!

Here are some screenshots of my 8 week update:

Well, guys, here we go go go go...on another ADVENTURE!!

I'm so excited for you all to join along for this ride!!


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I'm PREGNANT!!! What?!!! | Baby Number 6

Can you believe it?!

Baby Number 6 is going to be joining our family by the end of the year!!

Estimated due date is December 10, 2018....but let's just see when they'll decide to show up!


This picture was taken when I was not even 8 weeks along! To say that I start to show early on is a bit of an understatement... hahaha

Thursday, January 11, 2018

All Natural Cold, Sinus & Flu Relief | Natural Wellness

It seems to be that time again: everyone is getting sick!

I've been finding myself typing up the same recipes and tips on how to get well quickly and avoid a trip to the I figured I'd just put it all in one place and just share the link with anyone that needs it. 😊

So without further are some extremely potent home remedies for the cold & flu, including sinus infections and upper respiratory infections.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding: Unlike many prescription and over-the-counter medicines, all of these remedies are safe to do while pregnant and/or breastfeeding! You might still want to run it by your doctor to double check for your individual circumstance, but I have done them all while pregnant/breastfeeding with no issue and have recommended it to pregnant/breastfeeding friends who also swear by these methods!



Juice from 1/2 a lemon (fresh not bottled)
1 clove garlic, minced (fresh not jarred)
1 tablespoon raw honey
1 tablespoon Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 tsp turmeric (especially if you have a sore inflamed throat)
Pinch of cayenne (optional but I highly recommend for adults)

Mix this all together and drink it down like a shot. Drink one of these 2-3 times per day, ESPECIALLY at bedtime. Bedtime is when your body does its best healing, so you really want to make sure you drink this before going to bed.

Like I said, this is super powerful and you should be feeling SO MUCH BETTER in a day and a half. The more times you can drink this elixir, the better.

We actually cured my daughter's strep throat by her drinking this and gargling with a similar elixir. And using castor oil by direct application and with heated castor packs. Read about how we cured her strep throat naturally HERE.


I have 3 suggestions for sinus problems. All work very well. You can do all of them if you wish. (Combine them with the previously mentioned Antibiotic Shots for best results)

Nasal Irrigation/Neti Pot

This does sound odd, I know. But this works SO WELL that the results fascinated me and had me jumping up and down yelling.

You can get the specific how-tos on the instructions that come with your Neti Pot (the one pictured is the particular model that I have). But basically, you pour the special saline solution up one nostril. It goes up through your sinuses and rinses out any crud that is residing in them. And it all comes out the other nostril and goes down the drain. I know this sounds gross, but when you see what actually comes out (even though you've been blowing your nose repeatedly and not much is coming out) you're going to be in shock. Like, woah. That was all jammed up in my sinuses? And then your head and face will feel immediately better!! Do not do this, however, if you have a blocked ear or ear infection. Repeat this a few times a day and it will completely clean and flush out any infection that is stuck in your sinuses. NOTE: for severe sinus problems, do a hypertonic rinse, which simply means using 2 packets of the saline mixture instead of one. I once did it with a half-teaspoon or so of Bragg apple cider vinegar mixed worked but it stung so freaking bad.


I discovered this little gem about 2 weeks ago while I was at Sprouts. I was feeling miserable and couldn't find my Neti Pot. So I picked this stuff up. I did a double dose (explained on the bottle's instructions) and noticed immediate relief!

This is what it looks like when you mix it with water:

And check out these FAST results!


No, I don't sell them....I buy the affordable NOW brand ones off of Amazon. They work.

Eucalyptus Oil

Apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the bottom of your feett around where the toes meet the foot. Then put socks on to keep the oil from getting on the floor. The oil application will assist in draining your sinuses and stuffy nose.

Chest & Back Rub

Mix a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil and tea tree oil (or a mixture of just two of your choice but I highly recommend all 3 as they each have healing properties) and mix with a small amount of coconut oil. Mix well and rub onto your chest and back (where you lungs are). This will help you to breathe better and works SO much better than Vick's VapoRub.

Diffusing the Oils

Using one of those electric plug-in oil diffusers that you fill with water and essential oils and it turns it into a fine mist, use eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree oil. Peppermint essential oil wouldn't hurt, either. Make it a STRONG mixture. Diffuse in your bedroom at night (consult your doctor if using in a child's room) with the door closed. This will alleviate inflammation of your bronchial tubes, sinuses and nasal passages. When you breathe it in, it will kill germs inside of your body AND you will sleep so much better while your body is getting well.


I hope this post has been helpful for you! I know that these remedies have helped us immeasurably over the years. Please be sure to share it with friends and family to help them stay healthy, too without needing dangerous OTC and prescription medications.

Just a reminder: I am not a doctor or health professional. Just a mom who has been practicing natural home remedies for many years on her large collection of children. 😉 Be sure to check with your doctor to be sure these remedies are safe for you to do, too!